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Dr. Mitch Raich, D.C.
Born and raised in Burien, WA Dr. Mitch has been serving the Kent and surrounding areas for the past 25+ years.  He enjoys taking care of the patient at Quam Chiropractic in Kent, WA. 
At the age of 15 he knew he was going to be a chiropractor.  His mother had suffered a severe back injury and was unable to stand or walk.  After she had gone to her medical doctor and and receiving pain medication he saw how she wasn't getting any better.  At the suggestion of a friend she went and saw a chiropractor as a last resort.  After two weeks of treatment she was able to stand and walk again and off of her medication.  While it took a while longer for her to fully recover she was definitely on the right path.  At this same time Dr. Mitch was injured while racing bicycles competitively and also went to the chiropractor.  He to was able to get back to the action and do what he enjoyed most at the time, race bmx.  It was then he decided to be a chiropractor. 
After finishing high school he went to Green River Community College and did his undergraduate studies.  He then transfered to Western States Chiropractic College where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1995. 
A family man, Dr. Mitch has a young son and when he's not at the office, he's either with his family or you will find him on the golf course or cycling.



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